According to airline flight experts, what’s the one food you should never order/eat on a flight?

A. The peanuts

B. The pasta

C. The beef

D. The salmon


I admit I would have said D—salmon (when did that fish last see water?), but according to Travel & Leisure magazine, flight experts say to forget the pasta. The reasons they cite: 1) At 30,000 feet, the perception of flavor is reduced by as much as 30% and so, up in the air, pasta tastes about as bland as air—we’d add: ditto for most everything else. 2) On a flight, pasta is assured to be a “mushy mess” since it’s (often) reheated. Yup. And 3) You’ll be “lethargic and cranky” when you arrive, because carbohydrates (the nutritional group that pasta belongs to) cause your blood sugar to soar then plummet. Not sure where all of this leaves us…wine and protein bars?

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